New name

One of the new year resolutions is to make changes where changes were due.

And one of those changes is the online identity. It has been some years since my first name is perfectly comprehensible in Portuguese/Spanish language but always causing some confusion in other languages. Too often my (already short) first name with just four letters would be confused in different variations. Other times I would be left explaining what is the root origin of that name. It doesn't help one bit as most of my time is passed traveling and living in non-Latin lands.

In the end of the day, it isn't something that I see value in continuing because my own preference of a first name is different. My preference is for an international name that works good in whatever location. So, name changed. This transition should only be completed around 2020. In the meanwhile please do accept my apologies in advance for any confusion this might bring until the dust settles.

If you met me through the old name, please do continue referring to the old name if you really prefer. From here forward, you might find my name written simply as Max.

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