TripleCheck as a Top 20 Frankfurt startup to watch in 2015

Quite an honor and surprise, we got appointed with this distinction despite the fact that we don't see ourselves so much as a startup, but rather as a plain normal company worried about getting to the next month and growing with its own resources.

Looking back, things are much better off today than a year ago. Our schedule is busy at 150% of client allocation and we managed to survive through plain normal consulting, finally moving to product sales this year with a good market reception so far. Team grew, we finally have a normal office location and I keep worrying each month that the funds in the bank are not enough to cover expenses. Somehow, on that brink of failure or success we work hard to pay the bills and invest in material or people that permits moving a bit further each month.

It is not easy, this is not your dream story and we don't know what will happen next year. What I know is that we are pushed to learn more and grow. That kind of experience has a value of its own.

Next step for triplecheck is building in 2015 our own petabyte-level datacenter in Frankfurt. Efficiency of costs aside, we are building a safe-house outside of the "clouds" where nobody really knows who has access to them.

I wish it was time for vacations or celebrate, but this is not yet the time. I'm happy that together with smart and competent people we are building a stable company.