List of 310 software licenses in JSON format

I've recently needed a list of licenses to use inside a web page. The goal was presenting the end-user with a set of software licenses to choose from. However, couldn't find one readily available as a JSON or some kind of format to be embbeded as part of Javascript code.

So I've created such a list, based on the nice SPDX documentation. This list contains 310 license variations and types. I'm explicitly mentioning "types" because you will find licenses called "Proprietary" to define some sort of terms that are customized and a "Public domain" type, which is not a license per se but in practice denotes the lack of an applicable license since copyright (in theory) is not considered as applicable for them.

In case you are ok with these nuances, you can download this json list from

The list was not crafted manually, I've wrote a few lines of Java code to output the file. You find this file at

If you find the list useful and have feedback or need an updated version, just let me know.

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