First pull request on GitHub

Since a year to this part that I've been using increasingly more GitHub for everything related to source code hosting.

My impression with them has been very positive since the start. From the web interface that is straightforward, to the social "gamification" in place that motivates developers to commit code more often and to see how they are doing.

Another thing that got me surprised was the availability of a direct API to extract all kind of data from the platform with very little limitations, as if it was your own data to download. This revealed something very deep, that the site was made by developers for developers and that sharing was a keyword taken to practice.

Yesterday I got surprised, once again. Was looking around some code that I found interesting and ended up suggesting some minor improvements. A few days later got a message from the author, a github staff asking if I could do "pull request":

It was the first I had to deal with this kind of request. Was feeling a bit lost but he took the time to help me get around. How often do you get someone from the GitHub staff helping you directly to get code shared?

Yep. This is the kind of attitude that makes a platform living and thriving. Great people.

Thumbs up to GitHub.