Stubborn Ubuntu

There we go. On the eve of an announcement at Ubuntu without any reaction on the general hate from the Ubuntu community to the "unity" desktop environment that causes so much division.

Can we for a change admit that Unity is wrong? It's crap. If the best that an average user can say about this environment is that they "got used" to it, then this is just plain wrong and you're being too stubborn for doing it right.

A good environment either gives you the "wow" effect or lets you get things done. Unity does neither. Two years have passed and this crappy alternative to the gnome environment is still in practice. No significant improvements, just crap. Browse by yourself the Ubuntu forum, the personal blog of Mark and check out the reactions. I'm really not alone on this frustration, just wish we could still have a usable OS.

An announcement will soon be made and I just wish it was announcing that the desktop is returning to the time when we could use it.

Seriously, run a pool of opinion to the community. Ask us for our educated opinion and let the numbers drive the market. Going for a fancy touch-based UI is not a thing that has to be forced onto you as no other remedy, this should be something that people want to embrace today. Ubuntu is doing it wrong, please change.

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