Hello 2013!

Here we are at the verge of brand new year.

For me, Christmas 2011 still feels like yesterday and 2012 was deleted swiftly like a big ISO file sitting on a fast USB flash drive. It is odd but I'm actually not looking so forward in going through 2013. Last year was crazy in terms of events, the year before that one was no different and for a change would be nice to get some peace and quiet for a while.

Looking back I can say that In overall things could be worse, much worse. But as someone else rightfully told me today: aiming to reach "not worse" is quite simply "not good". We have to aim high and do better.

So, I'm not aiming for 2013. Time passes too fast for plans or meaningful resolutions so I am quickly saying hello to this year and already looking forward to what we can better on the next one.

Apart from the philosophical matters, be happy. Enjoy a great year with your family, friends and projects. Be happy and I wish you a feliz 2013!

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