New phone: Samsung Beam

It was around a year since the last time I got a cellphone. Last time was a Samsung Galaxy v1 and this time was a Beam.

In overall, the old phone still works great and I will now pass it along to someone else who might enjoy it better than me.

Being my birthday, I just decided to indulge myself onto another tech-savvy gadget that few others would understand. The thing that I like the most from this new phone is the external pico-projector.

Believe it or not, it is a full fledged video projector inside the phone that turns any wall in a darker room onto a giant sized tv set. Very fun, especially for sliding through pictures.

One year passed and this device costed about the same as my previous device. I still remember when back in 2002 I ordered a Sony Clie pda whose high point was the support to mp3 and pictures (no phone call support).

Technology moves at a fast pace, so must we do the same to keep up with the changes.

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