I'm proud to announce the opening of

This platform is my effort to make available a security platform. With this site becomes possible to query file names and hashes, looking for more information about them at other sources.

It is not a grand opening, it is a work in progress. Meaning that I will be adding more features and improving the site usability as time allows. One of my goals is integration with ninjapendisk and open the possibility for users to report malicious files and names.

For the moment, I am really happy with the current result. Today it was possible to improve the MySQL performance to a point where one can execute a query over 25 million records and output the result under a single second.

For the future, additional hashing algorithms are planned for inclusion. At the moment ssdeep is already confirmed to be possible both at the server (PHP/MySQL) along with client side (Java) support and I am still learning more about approaches that can be included next.