Reboot on the top 40k sites and my opinion on Java

One month has passed since we first broke the barrier of the top 50k sites and today I notice that we passed over the barrier of the 40k as seen on the screenshot.

Recently we have been passing with so many things at the same time that it even gets difficult to look at the web stats and see how our community is growing on a global level. Projects keep being published and released at a good rate, more than ever it becomes necessary to provide stable results and well tested tools. Unfortunately not everything happens the way I would like to see, but in overall we still maintain a positive attitude.

Lots of reactions against my preference for Java programming and how it impacts the tools being released such as reWIM.

To some extent I do understand their reaction, to many people Java equates as a bloated platform with bad support and plenty of nuisances to end-users.  More often than not, this is correct.

However, I see Java from another perspective.

I am not adopting heavy frameworks such as Hibernate, SEAM or JBoss that would require hundreds of RAM megabytes and several hours (days) of troubles just to run. We are not getting tied to any specific operative system, IDE or even CPU type. Furthermore, nowadays any end-user can install Java without pain on their machine regardless of their desktop/mobile brand (except on iPhones/iTablets because Java is forbidden there, not really Java's fault).

As always, I am investing my efforts in the future. Java is used because the work we share today will continue running tomorrow. I am not tying this coding effort to any specific user interface, we are allowing end-users and other developers to integrate our work from their web environment, from a normal desktop application or run directly from a command line.

I am opening the doors so that our work can run from a distributed platform. Has anyone ever noticed how well Java takes advantages of machines with several CPU cores? This kind of advantages are priceless.

This does not mean that I adopt Java as a solution for everything related to programming, it just means that I am very familiar and understand perfectly where this platform can help me.

Regardless of what anyone says badly about Java, just open your mind and you will be happily surprised.


  1. How are you going to do to avoid people decompiling your Java app? It is pretty easy this days...

  2. Hi Pat,

    If someone shows interest in decompiling this work, I wouldn't be publicly writing what I am doing to prevent that situation from occurring.

    As for being easy or not, it all depends on your skills. I personally find it easier to develop code than reverse-engineering the code from other developers.

    Take care,
    Nuno Brito

  3. Hi Nuni
    it always depends... i.e. if you need to code a WIM editing routine you better are a good reverser or you'll produce some unusable code...

    Anyway my comment on easily decompiling Java applications is just related to the fight you are having these days with people coming up with pretty good builders alternatives…
    Let’s agree your app is just a fancy batch application; Your stuff is not rocket science, then probably you are right; protecting your app makes no real sense... Use Java then...

    you take care

  4. Hi again Patrick

    We wanted to create valid WIM archives to boot a Windows PE since a long time and this goal that was reached. There is room for improvements that will occur when/if enough interest and resources become available.

    As for WinBuilder, this might help what made this particular work stand out from the crowd:

  5. WIMs? see Igor Pavlov, he did what you are trying to do, years ago... his code works...

    You say that your batcher "stands-out" because of that link that "you" wrote? c'mon...

  6. As mentioned on the download description, this work creates bootable WIM archives from scratch.

    The work from Igor Pavlov extracts files from WIM archives. He tried, but his code for creating WIM archives does not work. Therefore 7zip can only extract files from WIM archives and not create them.

    One day I am quite sure that Igor will succeed in adding support for creating these archives, it just won't happen so soon.

    I am available to reply, however I do not enjoy ping-pong chats where your critics hold no reason to exist other than personal revenge.

    Patrick, to keep our readers in context, I should remind that recently you have been called to attention at reboot about the issue of including software from other people inside "Serva" without respecting their respective licenses.

    You have demanded to me, as administrator of reboot to hide these posts from public sight. I declined to comply as you are not willing to solve the illegal situation of your software situation as reported on:

    Since that date, you reported false accusations to our hosting provider and attack aggressively my online participation at public sites as seen from your previous comments at my personal blog and on the reboot forum.

    Cyberstalking is a criminal offense in the US and your behavior fits the pattern described at

    Let this comment serve as public note about your online behavior.