CPanel support on

We've done a server overhaul this weekend and thanks to the generous sponsoring from R1Soft we are now making available CPanel to our forum members.

In practice, this means that we started making available the opportunity for our members to register by themselves a subdomain on and use it for hosting web pages and sites such as Wordpress, MyBB and so forth.

Even nicer since we also had the means to acquire the lifetime license of Installatron that allows our community members to install these software packages without worries about setting up any MySQL databases or uploading files.

As for the server overhaul by itself, we gave a serious leap to reinforce the server security which had been under serious attack over the past two weeks. A lot of work to complete a smooth transition, credits go to Mikorist that made most of the heavy work, found a good backup server and did all this in record time so that we could did not place any forum site offline.

Hope you enjoy the new work conditions, more details can be read at

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