Breaking the 50 000 barrier on Alexa

Today we broke through a milestone in mainstream popularity. The community is scoring on the top 50 000 web sites on earth.

Little by little we are moving up the charts. We started using the new in early 2010 and the results are positive so far:

The next milestone is reaching the top 30 000. The value is not far from reach if the current trend continues for more two months. Plenty of changes are being introduced to improve usability and provided services, this means more work to get changes implemented however it is certainly worth the time and effort.

We are building a site to stand the test of time and gather quality knowledge for future generations. Albeit the current Alexa score is a good motivator, our main aim is to bring better quality in the art of booting computers.

The next challenge is to preserve our community small, friendly and personal as always, despite the masses of daily visitors/users that we get nowadays. Lots of fun for sure, lots of reboot going on.