Adding a site policies legal page at

Recently I added a page that details the legal position of the user generated content at

This step was necessary after one of our members that was unhappy about a sequence of events at the community has decided to officially notify me (as admin of that his posts and writings were copyrighted and subject to a series of limitations.

Ever since the inception of our community, we strive to treat each and every member on a personal and fair manner. However, the liability of legal action is a risk that we never had to deal before in the past.

To avoid ambiguities in regards to our position on this matter, I have made available a page that details our site policies. They can be read at

It is based on the forum policies found at the Ammnesty International web site:

Basically, it sets out the rules and what to expect from our services. It is nothing more than what we have already been doing for years, with the difference that is written to make things a bit more clear.