Coverage on Com! of the WinBuilder Leopard project

A very nice surprise this month.

The Com! magazine in Germany has published an intensive report on the mini-windows topic and they elected the Leopard Project authored by MaxRealQNX as a legal way for building a nicely customized windows.

Of course that I am very proud to see this happen. Over the past months we are getting regular attention on PC magazines, the difference is that this month it was worthy of being displayed on the cover page, the editorial, the DVD and include an article with 8 pages of information.

The whole article can be viewed at

Very nice motivator.

We are finally getting the necessary motion to leap onto more challenging projects.

Converting Java bytecode to .NET executable

There exists a nice manner of running Java programs without the need for a Java Virtual Machine.

Look on the IKVM project that is found at

Converting an existing JAR file to EXE is just as simple as typing:
ikvmc -target:exe myapp.jar
Of course that this means that you are not depending on Java, but rather on .NET to run your program. However, this is a nice tool to allow developers/users pick the most adequate weapon (platform) of choice.


Helping the FreeDOS effort

Our community at has been officially recognized as a FreeDOS supporter.

We have already been hosting (and welcoming) discussions about FreeDOS for a very long time now (8 years). This recognition is certainly a good reason to commemorate and feel honored about.

Our community is found listed at the official support channels on alongside with the forum community of "DOS ain't dead" at

For me, these are very good news. I'm still a big fan of console based applications and really miss the time when running some tool would not require an Internet connection and 100Mb of RAM..

Go FreeDOS go.. :)

Adding a site policies legal page at

Recently I added a page that details the legal position of the user generated content at

This step was necessary after one of our members that was unhappy about a sequence of events at the community has decided to officially notify me (as admin of that his posts and writings were copyrighted and subject to a series of limitations.

Ever since the inception of our community, we strive to treat each and every member on a personal and fair manner. However, the liability of legal action is a risk that we never had to deal before in the past.

To avoid ambiguities in regards to our position on this matter, I have made available a page that details our site policies. They can be read at

It is based on the forum policies found at the Ammnesty International web site:

Basically, it sets out the rules and what to expect from our services. It is nothing more than what we have already been doing for years, with the difference that is written to make things a bit more clear.