Downloading torrent files from the command line using rtorrent

Recently I need to download some drivers from and noticed that now they only offer the option to download through torrents.

Unfortunately, my workstation is limited and does not allow either admin rights or access to ports other than 80.

I do have access to SSH on a Linux machine running Ubuntu that is outside my firewall. However, I had no access to a desktop through VNC or NX clients.

So, command line is all that is left to get torrent files. On this short blog post I will show how it can be done in a few easy steps.

1) Install rtorrent using "apt-get install rtorrent"
2) Use "cd" to change onto the dir where you want the files to be located
3) Run the program, type "rtorrent"
4) Press backspace to open the dialog for a new torrent
5) Type the full download URL with http:// (I use to shorten the direct URL address)
6) Press enter, watch rtorrent work

To quit rtorrent, press "ctrl+q".

This is not complicated and from there I can grab the files using direct download onto my workstation.

I hope this tip helps other people out there. If you have any doubts, just write a comment below.

Take care!