Java scripting for the Remedium platform

The latest version of Remedium comes with support for dynamic Java scripting provided by the BeanShell interpreter:

If you never heard of it, think of bean shell as the PHP equivalent for Java.

Remedium needed a way of getting away from statically compiled classes onto a scripting language. There were plenty of choices available and I chose beanshell because of its simplicity and close resemblance to the Java language. If you know Java or C, you will instantly figure out how this works.

What's the advantage for Remedium?

As a web based platform, it allows developers to create scripts that take advantage of the platform without needing to setup a full development environment. This also eases the task of customization and updates.

Along with support for bean shell scripts I also added support for displaying pages of raw HTML from the disk. This works nicely to create, for example, HTML forms that call a given bean shell script. This way it is possible to add business logic without any compilation being necessary.

So, now we have a neat standalone application server that is capable of serving and interpreting scripts that output web pages. No need for a JBoss, Tomcat, JSP, Apache or even PHP interpreters.

If you haven't try out BeanShell before, go ahead. It is worth the time to try out.


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