Regardless of what others might say, I can only see that life gets stranger as you get old.

Wouldn't necessarily say better or worse but simply strange. We learn so much and get wiser, yet one can also get so unsurprised about new things and becomes quite boring per times.

As I grow older, I also start to note some patterns emerging on people around my age gap. And this reflection comes to place since this month is my birthday date. It is a special event for me as I will be celebrating thirty years of existence.

I truly wish that I could have done many things differently across these short decades. There were so many happy thoughts, sad moments and unique emotions that will never be repeated. Perhaps I should (finally) give some credit to the comments from some friends claiming that I am a fatalistic person, looking too often to the past and interpreting my own future has already written.

 However, if the future hasn't been written already, what else can be waiting behind the door?

Oh well.. I just wish that I could smile more often. Wish that I could enjoy life with the same passion as before.

While writing this I see that I'm not so fatalistic after all, I do want to feel life, I don't want to stop feeling amazed when I see new things, I want to keep moving and doing new things that make each day special. Thirty is not the end of the world, it is the beginning of a new chapter.

Let's break the patterns and move forward! :)