sqliteforum.com was sold

This week I've placed http://sqliteforum.com for sale and this operation was quickly concluded at the asked price.

My congratulations to the new forum owner, I really hope it meets your expectations and that it grows over the next years.

As for reasons to let go of the site, I'm reducing the number of forum sites where I am not directly involved to focus on the ones I really feel motivated to participate actively. The revenue gathered from this sale allowed to acquire an IP.Content addon for the http://reboot.pro community and still left enough money for other components that we might see of interest to add.

So, this week we also started upgrading the forum software on reboot and solve many of the issues that had been reported over the past 8 months. We are now using the default theme as skin and just adding slight changes on the header to keep it thinner in height.

Mikorist has been a real help to get all this done, wouldn't really be possible without him to carry forward these changes and improve our work conditions.

Many changes, so far for the better as the new version is really neat.


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