All Quiet on the Western Front

I should be happy.

This month I saw WinBuilder being featured again at one of the most popular PC magazines in Germany. To my surprise, I noticed that at the same time a few other PC magazines were promoting tools such as FiraDisk and Grub4DOS that are also hosted at

As we speak, all the roads in the boot field are pointing at in some manner or another and we don't like to disappoint our community.

It is one of those moments in life when you feel some sense of achievement for being part in something that steps outside of the virtual world and produces something of real value to so many people.

It is a sense of achievement that arrives 6 years after I first started my online activities, and yet it feels terribly bitter today.

I miss a lot of things that I had at my reach 6 years ago.

Professional life got better after fights and challenges that would seem lost at the beginning and are now at reach to be conquered.

New software is being developed on the pipelines with promises of unprecedented results and expectations.

Working groups are flourishing, assembled with friends of trust that assure quality and continuation of the research tradition that we like to follow.

So many things that I should really feel proud about seeing right now.. yet, I feel so tired and not really victorious. I miss my family, I miss a stable life, I miss vacations and not working so hard during the weekends.

I understand that no person can have all the things they want. The western front of boot land is ours at last, but my personal life got lost in the process and I'm not happy.

All is quiet on the western front but this is not good enough, let's move.

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  1. My honest congratulations to you and your site! At times I find myself going there and always find great help and solutions. I can surly feel with you how nice it must be to have an actual real-life impact away from the online world with your hard work. Time to enjoy the weekend! Congrats!