It has been a long journey.

Started officially in 2009, but was dreamed, prepared and awaited many years before.

Now we are in 2011. I feel that an important chapter was closed, and that many other interesting chapters in this book called "life" are still waiting to be written.

It was a long journey indeed.

More than a degree, it was the opportunity of being here that made me see the world from a very different perspective.

It was fun. Passing through good times, bad times and unique times. But above all, these were memorable times that made me grow as a person.

A lot of people helped me reach this far and I am forever grateful to all of them. My only expectation is that I can one day give back to others all the support that I received.

Thank you for everything, the MSE changed my life.

Security analysis of java based web forum products

A month ago I received a request from the University of Coimbra to look into the current options of Java based web forum software to provide my opinion on each of them.

To be honest, I am not impressed nor convinced that any of them are suited to power a popular web site that gathers a lot of (malicious) attention.

Regardless of personal preferences, I am sharing my opinions and impressions after evaluating each product that might help other people in the situation of choosing a Java based forum. You find this report at

My ranking for these products is the following:

1 - JForum
2 - mvnForum
3 - JavaBB
4 - Yazd
5 - JSforum
6 - JGossip

In the forum arena, I should really note that PHP based forum software from groups such as vBulletin, IPB and myBB will really save you a lot of headaches in the future. Plus, it is possible to run PHP inside Java using a framework such as Quercus PHP.