The simple beauty of NoJax

Recently I've needed to figure a simple way of updating a web page at each 4 seconds.

The modern web 2.0 option is using AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) and this option sounded fine and dandy. Got myself exploring this path, finding some nice tutorials and simple guides that took away the black magic underneath the Javascript to reach the intended results.

However, I was having a lot of troubles to get it working as intended. On some browsers it would work, on some others it wouldn't. On some browsers I would know how to fix the issues while in some others remained a complete mystery.

This was no longer the simple solution I was hoping to apply and found a nice alternative: Meta tags.

The concept is simple, just add a meta tag requesting for the page to be reloaded within some seconds in the future. Simple, practical and works across all browsers.

Some obvious side effects: it will reload the whole page instead of a silent AJAX-style update. Other than that, it does get the job done in a stable manner.

Credits go to the page that has a nice tutorial:

It is nice to enjoy the simple beauty of NoJax.