The Reboot empire.

Boot Land was rebooted, why?

Over the past few months, anyone could note that despite our growth in terms of popularity, page views and visits - we were no longer working true to our founding principles.

Our once peaceful netizens turned the public forums onto a circus stage/arena for proceeding in never-ending quarrels.

While looking back, I see how much energy was wasted in defending or destroying opposing positions between aristocracy members without practical results. Instead of seeing progress, I'd risk stating that we actually saw regress and crisis to install in our development/research projects across 2010.


The Boot Land republic

The flagship weapon of our community, Winbuilder, saw script warlords requesting so many new features to a script engine craftman that seldom times said no. Encouraged with a multitude of feedback and requests, he began an effort to instantiate syntax correctness that would last the following two years.

From my perspective, this craftman was (and is) well intended. But each new version would disrupt scripts coded in older versions of the weapon. This forced warlords to re-train themselves and update all scripts in weaponry stock.

The script warlords were (and are) well intended. They know that winbuilder is one of the strongest weapon on their arsenal. They desire new specialized features that may give them an advantage on battlefields not just in open plains as before, but also in mountains, swamps and tropical environments.

I would have preferred to see other weapons being used together with winbuilder to achieve optimal performance in combat, rather than seeing both the engine craftman and these warlords creating a tool that served their specific situation alone. Since design simplicity was no longer present, we really lost the single most important combat advantage.

The engine kept on convolving to a reality each time farther apart from practical reality in present battle fields. While warlords of conquered domains kept on using older versions and consider other weapons for conquering new territories, new versions became ignored or deeply criticized.

Personal conflicts escalated to unprecedented levels of animosity to find guilt in others.

Rage settled in, projects are removed from public sight, opposing parties verbally attack each other on sight of public movement. This discourages thousands of netizens from joining the public forum. Vengeance, rather than reason, becomes a frequent dish served at public gatherings that are now only frequented by a few surviving senators that observe, but seldom times intervene in fear of retaliation.

Ironically enough, due to the plural investment in many other projects instead of just being a winbuilder centric community, we also saw the Boot Land domain escalate to an unparalleled growth across the boot disk universe at the Internet.

We see for the first time the barrier of 700 000 page views being broken and also celebrate the success of many excellent projects promoted by unaligned brave souls at our community, that put their heart in the work and move the boot disk state of the art by themselves.

Conflicts between aristocratic members stale any decision or course of action for the future.

Our online republic fails.


The reboot empire begins
Situations of this kind are not uncommon to occur at any community of reasonable dimension. I remember clearly a sequence of similar events that took place at some years ago. Bart, the author of BartPE superseded by far in popularity the work of DoctorXP, author of the 911CD project.

DoctorXP stepped down from public activity and BartPE became the defacto tool in coming years. Bart lost interest after some years and his work was left to other initiatives such as Reatogo and ubcd4win. Conflicts soon started to fringe the once peaceful environment at to a stage of pandemonium until everyone was unhappy.

As time passed, our state of conflict starts to resemble each time closer to the one observed at 911CD.

Since nobody was accepted as right by others nor admitted wrong doing on their side, decisions still need to be made and the state of Imperium was declared.

The reboot empire comes to life.

Martial law is instantiated to restore a sense of order amidst the political chaos. Those who cross the line of civilized manners are handled summarily regardless of their rank in society. A sad period but necessary to prevent our public forum from returning onto a public arena.

We live in the age of pax romana.

The goal is clear. We work to rebuild stability, to define the new milestones of expansion for our domain and to ensure that our society regains once again it's own balance to conquer new territories. These decisions will surely not please everyone but we are a breed of fighters.

We reboot.

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