RawReg included in pwning bootkit

Just of hearing the name of RawReg brings back some really good memories from the attic.

So, it was kind of fun to read IceCube mentioning that it was included by default on the Stoned bootkit, a project described by the author as:
Stoned Bootkit is a new Windows bootkit which attacks all Windows versions from 2000 up to 7. It is loaded before Windows starts and is memory resident up to the Windows kernel. Thus Stoned gains access to the entire system. It has exciting features like integrated file system drivers, automatic Windows pwning, plugins, boot applications and much much more. The project is partly published as open source under the European Union Public License. Like in 1987, "Your PC is now Stoned! ..again".

Peter Kleissner, Software Developer in Vienna
The project can be found at http://stoned-vienna.com/


Well, this certainly brought me back good memories when I didn't worried about the integration of enterprise applications and their survivability in the long term.

Here is a screenshot of the "about" screen on rawreg, while running under Wine on the Mac OS.

Looking forth to the future, many plans lay ahead. However, I still question every day if there will ever be time and commitment to see them through.