Fresh start on the Alexa rank

I like watching the Alexa rank to get a notion of how different sites fare in terms of mainstream audience.

Wonko, "the Sane" has a very different opinion about the usefulness of this rank. Yet, it is indeed interesting to observe how we are starting from a fresh new domain that was ranked in 2 million about a week ago and right now is already breaking the top 30 000 barrier.

Not something that we get to see very often.

More interesting to note that over the past weeks our rank had been around 60 000 and that moving to a new domain has also impacted our relevance to search engines as an old domain has far more trust when compared to a brand new one, bringing less visitors from google and the sort.

I'm just glad that this transition is going so smoothly. A lot of things could have been gone wrong and still a lot more in need to be fixed but so far, I'm really happy to see how we are going.