And hence start the summer vacations!

I'm really happy that they have finally arrived. Was getting tired of this last semester and some time out will surely be well used to refill batteries before the final semester begins.

Just wish it had gone better. At least I'm proud to say that I've learned quite a lot of new things throughout these 12 weeks. Some were good, some were bad and all of them were important to my life in one way or another.

The most memorable detail is the fact that I no longer stay away from Java. I've always avoided it, don't like eclipse, it's slow as heck compared to native binaries building a user interface is a real shame when compared to compilers for Windows that have been available for almost a decade now.

However, it does bring some fancy new advantages available nowhere else. We can indeed code once and run everywhere if things are done right. The code that runs on a desktop can also run from a server on the command line.

And.. using Netbeans as an IDE was indeed a nice touch of fresh air to escape a bulky, buggy and slow code editor.

Another nice memory from this semester is the independent study. Not only I was able to do a project from a professional perspective as it was also fun and something that I'll continue working through the next months.

For the vacations, many other projects await. Time will pass really quickly and I also want to rest. From here up to December things will not get simpler.

Luckily, from a financial perspective I'm finally at ease. Not only have I managed to secure my full payment of the MSE degree and survive the final months, as I'm also increasing my current savings and doing investments for the future.

Things haven't been easy but they're moving forward.