Bring on the bots..

We've been having a lot of fun over the past two weeks in our boot land server.

It's been a long while since the last time we got offline for such a long period of time (2 years?), at the time was required for overcoming the attack that we move from a virtual shared server onto a fully dedicated server.

At the time, our growth just seemed to keep going up unexpectedly and suddenly we were having thousands of visitors from all around the world looking for boot disk solutions.

This was two years ago.

Currently.. boot land grown onto thousands of daily visitors and terabytes of monthly information being exchanged from the server.

We've been happy and busy working on the new things that appeared ever since. However, there is still one situation that is challenging our capacity to survive the test of time: bots.

Given the current position of boot land as a popular site, we are experiencing a mass wave of bot machines that visit our site and associated domains ( et al), causing our resources to be quickly depleted into what people would call as a DDoS. Typically, this is a obviously a good way to ensure that a competing site is sent for oblivion.

And a strong DDoS it was indeed. The server was not prepared and a massive black out got installed for 5 days in a row.

But.. we're alive. Sometimes slow at serving pages, it's true, but we're winning back our server to the bots that were sent our way.

So, if for any chances the person(s) behind this recent bot incursion wind up reading this blog post, do note one thing in particular about boot land: we're here to stay, bring on the bots.

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