Show some Boot Land love.

The same company that created some years ago the popular foxmarks bookmarks plugin for firefox, has changed it's name to Xmarks and added some interesting services related to these bookmarking activities.

One of them is the site rank option.

Boot Land (at the time of this blog post) is ranked as #12.

This hardly seemed like a fair position so a message was passed along on the newsletter asking people to write in their words what was their opinion about the site.

The result was great.

We raised the number of reviews from 0 to 30 in less than a day, but more important than numbers was the genuine opinion of people regarding how they saw this community.

Here are some:
Best talents around the globe are part of bootland. Bootland is always way ahead of others in terms of technological development in terms of boot disk. This is the only site i refer for any boot disk related issues.
I discovered the Boot Land site only recently and I've been impressed by the comprehensiveness of their content. A worthwhile visit if you personally maintain your PC.
Bootland is very active with new updates, tools and scripts for keeping your set of rescue CD's up to date. They already have a Windows 7 boot project.

Reading these reviews is a good motivation to keep working. Sometimes it's sad as I see the quality work of so many good developers pass unnoticed and forgotten but these reviews prove otherwise. It's worth continuing to work and improve the current state of things.

We might not get a higher ranking than #12 but at the very least I'm sure that we rank #1 in the heart of everyone that is part of our community and that's the sort of ranking that really matters.