5 weeks have passed!

Well.. five weeks passed from the expected 16 months of the intensive MSE program.

And believe me that "intensive" is not even the most appropriate way to describe the stress hidden behind each week.

The course is highly demanding. You're left with constant deadlines to deliver homeworks that seem to take forever to understand and complete in a satisfactory manner.

We need to account the hours spent studying, last week I've passed over 60 hours studying and this doesn't reflect the lost sleep nights to get something done on time under pressure.

It's been a very interesting experience and I'm nevertheless enjoying it very much.

Some of the things that I like the most, is the way how students are expected to behave like professionals with some level of experience at any given moment of the program. There is no room to argue that you don't know how to achieve something. If you don't know how, then it's probably due to the lack of the research to learn how to get it done in the first place.

My biggest difficulty is a class called MSS - Models of Software Systems. It involves a lot of maths (my personal nemesis) and even though my performance is somewhat below the average, I'm still working my way to raise the level of efficiency up to the expected level.

I'm also having some difficulty on other classes, my written evaluation of case studies and replies to reading questions are still not averaging a satisfactory level as well. I'm now spending a lot more hours trying to compose quality replies.

Guess I'm a slow learner, I like to do things slowly and the fast pace of the course leaves little to breath let alone do things slowly.

Well.. even the rate of my blog posts is a good sign of this lack of free time.. ;)

But heck, this is exactly what I was expecting in the first place.

This is a way of perfectly simulating how people who graduate from the MSE are expected to deal with stress and learn under tough conditions limited by time and constrained by an excess of work.

I'm loving it and after 5 weeks of work, I'm already clueless regarding what is left to dazzle us during the next 60 weeks..