Publicity, MSE and life

This week has been hard.


Because ever since the beginning of my online adventures that I've always took good pride in staying far from annoying google ads but this time I'll need to swallow my own pride and use them to survive.

My life took a very unexpected turn around. I'm leaving the place where I live, the work that provided such good quality of life and also stray away from some of the projects that I care about.

My goal to justify these measures is also well worthy of my efforts - the MSE from Carneggie Mellon.

This course is no joke for those that are faint of the heart and for those who have that crazy dream of achieving a somewhat incredible state of nirvana in terms of computer programming (if they manage to survive during 18 months of intensive stress).

I'm no exception on this group of dreamers and I'm aiming high but will this goal justify the used means?

On the case of publicity, just wish there was a better solution but I see no other source of income available during the next couple of years since.

My wife will try to find a job but she'll surely be paid the minimum wage and our child's daycare center will cost half of her earnings.

It's too much in my conscience to bear the predictable guilt of being such a weight on her shoulders at the expenses of my own goals that will surely prejudice her peaceful tranquility.

Maybe this way I'll get enough resources to leverage my contribution to the family and afford the internet and transportation costs.

My apologies to those who I disapoint with this measure, this was not an easy decision.