Moving out.

For the past five years one thing remained constant in my life - living in the azores.

Now, I will unfortunately retire from my current work location and move back into mainland Portugal.

I would say that this is great since I'll be living in the same city where the rest of my family lives, but at the same time it's with sadness that I depart from these islands.

Living here is a surreal experience, after a few years you kind of assume some things to be normal but they're nowhere to be found anywhere else for sure.

The fact of living stranded in the middle of Atlantic ocean, seeing the green fields that are greener that anything else you'd ever seen and the marvelous chance of breathing such clean air are just a few of the things that I'll surely miss.

It's also the place where you can go out and take a coffee knowing that you'll stumble on some familiar face to exchange a few words while enjoying the seaside view or attend small rock concerts promoted by your friends at places where everyone knows everybody.

Really amazing stuff.

But it's also in the nature of people to move forward and time has come to get back on track and move along to the next challenge.

Moving out is not easy.