Web 3.0

Are we reaching web 3.0 yet?

This is a somewhat vague term that defines the next step in internetworking evolution.

We can all point our fingers at examples from the 1.0 era when Geocities, Altavista, Slashdot and other pioneer sites reached the masses for the first time a little over 10 years ago.

We can also point our finger to 2.0 timeline crispy examples like Digg, Hi5 and whatever, but what should we expect from 3.0?

Well.. in my humble opinion I'd say that evolution will allow the powerless users from the 1.0 era that have become major players of the 2.0 age to become the collective owners of 3.0 websites.

An early example of this situation is already demonstrated by the growth of Wikipedia.

Shifting the control of insanely popular sites from a regulated control by a company or person onto a collective effort of volunteers that pretty much decide everything which is done and whatnot.


3.0 will bring an era of self-growing sites, which will naturally organize and adapt themselves to survive using the same human behaviour that once allowed the construction of big cities in the past, an instinct that still remains inherent to all of us.

It's the era of tribes, groups of people from different points of origin and ages struggling for their success in popularity terms when compared to other tribes, regardless the effort this might pose on their individual lives in order to ensure the success of the colective goal.

Unleashed sites will compose 3.0 and the internet will never be the same again.