New slim laptop: Acer One

Finally had a good reason to get my hands on of these slick machines.

My work laptop started overheating at above 120ºC when running virtual box or listening to youtube so I'm going to send it back to the manufacturer to get repaired.

My guess is that the air vent is either blocked by dust or the vent itself is not working right but I'm not going to open the machine since I'd be voiding the machine's guarantee.


So, while the laptop is away to repair (about two months), I've bought myself a new Acer One, one of those ultra slick new laptops, bla, bla, bla, bla, bla, bla, bla, bla,

Well.. not really much of news to me.

My first ultra slim laptop was bought as early as 2001 and was a Sony Vaio with a transmeta crusuoe CPU running at 600Mhz and equipped with 128Mb of RAM and a 20Gb hard drive.

This was over 9 years ago and was likely smaller in size than the Acer One.

So, what is the thing that I noticed that changed the most over this near-decade?

The price tag.

My sony vaio costed about 3500 euros and was imported from Macau (china) so that I could save money by skipping the european taxes.

The Acer One costed 329 euros and I bought it at the local mall.

Quite a big difference, the price dropped 90% from their average 9 years ago, amazing!