To WinBuider or not


I've replied to a comment made by SteelTrepid - developer of the UBCD4win project, related to a previous comment on my opinion about bartPE. (forum discussion here).

The discussion itself is a sure divider of people's feelings.

From one stand point we have ChinaDragon that is overwhelmed by the fact of something has been posted on the news section of Bart's PE Builder site for the first time in two years.

And from another stand point there's my opinion that it's too little and too late.


Do we really deserve to live in a world where only BartPE is recognized as a boot disk project?

It seems that everything started and stopped with bartPE and that's something revolting to me.

Prior to bartPE was already possible to create these boot disks derived from Windows XP source files. These built procedures and instructions were even literally copied over from the restricted Windows PE 1.x at the time.

Bart was smart to make a tool to automate the process.

This provoqued a Cease & Desist action letter from MS to the author of this tool and so, instead of creating a new and original build method, it was incorporated inside the binary file and hidden from the public eyes.

At runtime, bartPE 2.x still works pretty much like the initial (and forbidden) version did.

This is an hack, an old trick, something that is not clean nor efficient in size wise terms.

With winbuilder projects such as nativeEx, LiveXP and related. The construction method is open to the public. Everyone can see exactly what is being called and how it is being done.

Over the top of transparency comes the chance of actually decising to only add the files that you know that will be necessary and do it using your own language settings, no more people being forced to use only english versions of their foldernames for everything.


This is a freaking genius work that is growing by itself at each new day with the script contributions of new members from all around the globe.

Not even the MS guys ever expected that explorer would run on a system sized below 30Mb and still boot faster than a lightning from a CD-ROM media.

So many people worked out these incredibly talented solutions and still so many in the public eye only know bart or hiren's boot CD and nothing more.

This can't possible be what is going on at the masses, please reboot me from this nightmare.