New tortoise, new nightmare?

New tortoise, new nightmare?

I've just downloaded and installed the latest version of tortoise CVS, the best tool ever made for team work development on a project.

At least, the "best tool ever" tag seemed to fit like a glove and while visiting the download page I decided to give a shot to the latest version.

I liked the new look, updated graphics, better installed but after all this glam came the part to actually do some work and check out a repository.

One of the things that I like the most about tortoise and to which there is still no linux equivalent, is the ease of use. A user should only need to right-click on the folder where the repository is meant to be created and then choose "checkout".

If it's the first time that the repository is used then it would be expected to see a small dialog box asking the username, password and SVN server location.


At least all seemed fine during the install but when I right clicked at the folder that I wanted to work with, I'm blessed with no options at all.

Just a single menu filled with all sort of possible settings that suddenly made tortoise too tortorous to work with..

Took me 30 minutes of attempts to see if my settings were added correctly, to see if the server was online, if there was any sort of guide to explain how to setup the new version - but nothing.


Great, was already feeling a bit tired so I moved back to the download page, grabbed the older version 1.5.6 - installed and suddenly things worked just as good before.

What nightmare, glad I'm still using the older version. Don't know how new users will welcome this confusion.