My family went back "home"

Well.. for the next three months I'll be all alone at home in Azores.

My wife and son went this morning back to mainland Portugal to spend some time with the rest of family.

It's freezing cold in Europe while around here we still walk around in tshirts during the daytime so this got me a bit worried about her travel and mostly because of the tender age of our kid.

It has been over a year since I last went to mainland visit my side of the family and I sure do miss them a lot, living on an island surely has it's perks but to be honest, I'm already missing too much to see them and this distance doesn't make me very happy at all.

Can't really complain, within a few weeks I'll be traveling back home as well to see if I pass the Valentine's day with my wife and perhaps say "hi" to the rest of the folks back home, it's been so long that I parted that everytime I return, still think on things as I'd left them.

But people change, get older, get different. Sometimes I think that time itself doesn't hold much value where I live since few things are noticeably different with the exception of year count or maybe this is a side effect of isolation when you live on a small town where every face is familiar in a way or another - can't really tell the difference.


At least time to get my online life updated won't be missing. I'm already getting my hands onto some projects that got delayed a while back and will try to speed things back to the expect development speed.

WinBuilder is my biggest priority in terms of development. Boot Land's redesign has nearly concluded most of the initially established specifications and I'll probably join Peter's effort to bring some stability in the world of winbuilder versions that caused so much confusion in the last few months to users everywhere.


Hasn't passed a day and I already miss the noise my wife and son did around the house, guess that the silence can become a bit daunting at first. Oh well, I'm counting the days to soon see them again!!