CCNA 3 - Switching and Wireless

This week was marked with the start of the third CCNA module that is dedicated to learn all about switch devices and wireless technology.

And just like in other modules, we began the week learning things on a very fast pace.

I've got to admit that two monts after the last module I barely remembered any of IOS command line functioning. Can this be a sign of old age?

Well... was a bit rusted but quickly refreshed the memory with the required skill level necessary to program the CISCO machines from command line just like before.

It also helps to write all these commands down on plain paper, at least this way I can have a quick cheat sheet to look whenever things fail to remember quickly.

Of course that practice leads to perfection and the simple fact of not working directly with CISCO equipment also promotes the progressive degradation of my knowledge on this networking field as time passes.

Nevertheless, it's so intellectually stimulating to enjoy live classes about some IT technology that I can really say that I'm happy to use my free time to learn something new.


This third module is also very promising, we have a WIFI based LAN that has a considerable dimension on my workplace and I never had any formal education on this field.

One of the interesting points is the study of the possible security holes that might be exploited and respective counter-measures to protect the network from intrusions.

So far I can't complain, already got a lot of new ideas to put in practice next week.

Things are really looking good and I'm really glad to be studying again.