Barack Obama is a friend of mine.

Some months ago, I joined a social network called "Hi5".

To those not familiar with the site, it's a network where you write your own profile, add some photos and then invite all your friends to join.

It might seem absurd to so do since it's always better to talk with your friends directly rather than using a computer, but on my case, I find it an amazing tool to know how the people who I no longer see so often are doing.

For example, my two younger brothers are very active hi5 users and they constantly update their profile with their latest activities so it's fun for me to see how things are turning out for them - it's been over a year since I last saw them in mainland Europe and this helps to shorten the distance and time that passed between visits.

You can have some fun looking at my Hi5 profile -


But back on context of this blog post..

When clicking around to see the friends of my friends, I saw someone called "Barack Obama", just for the fun of it I've clicked on the "Add friend" button and invited this person to join my group of friends.

Well.. it turns out that it was indeed the official profile for Mr. Barack Obama and he did accepted the invitation to become a friend of mine.

When it comes to public figures I always suppose that someone else has the task of maintaining the profile updated and not the person himself, but imagine my surprise knowing that Obama makes it a personal point on doing these things all by himself - isn't that something?


The world is changing with no doubt.