Improvements after changing to new server

Since the last few months that it got really difficult to work on either or mostly because of the constant "Error 500" messages that were outputed everytime too many users (or bots) accessed the server.

Lately it had even become way too much frustating to do any web developing since it was way too difficult to work on anything, no mySQL, no PHP and sometimes no SSH or FTP made our life quite hard to support our goals.

The site is growing, more people are coming and our efforts to optimize all sites seemed quite hopeless as the server kept growing out of resources.


Now, the transfer to the new server has begun.

The first step was moving (my personal site) because it was small sized and wouldn't impact the mass of users that visit or

The transfer was less than elegant as a lot of new things that I hadn't ever tried before needed to be debugged and learnt.

This was a good decision as it allowed a much quicker transfer of

At the moment I'm still wrestling with the support of all the subdomains that were available from and the introduction of SVN as before.


The final step is without doubt the most complicated and necessary - moving has dozens of subdomains attached and the forums from boot-land also require some debugging before everything can function at 100% as before.

A long road ahead since I have to share my available time with other important tasks like family and school but one of my worries remains the goal of solving all our server troubles and finally start dedicating my free time to have some fun with boot disks again.