I feel sleepy

My vacations just began for the rest of the of month until mid-December and this is finally a good opportunity to stay in the house and help my wife take care of our son, but let me tell you - it's no easy task.

Because I needed to work, we decided that I would sleep on the bedroom while she would sleep in the TV room with our kid so that during the night I wouldn't lose my sleep while he woke up with the need to change the dipper or similar and this way she could also watch her favorite TV shows until late hours in the evening.


I needed to wake up everyday at 07h00 to get on my workplace on time and now that my vacations started I decided to stay awake later just so that she wouldn't be alone.

But let me tell you - her effort has been largely ignored by me. Only after staying with her a full night taking care of the baby I saw how difficult it was to get anything done or even try to get a few quality hours of rest.

The baby sleeps very tight and comfortable until 01h00 in the morning and then begins his activity time where he doesn't like to be ignored without attention for too long and will cry until someone picks him up in the arms.

It's been like this all night long and I woke several times whenever he cried a bit louder - my wife (poor of her) got even less sleep time than I did and she's been doing this 3 weeks now.

The only time break to sleep begins around 09h00 and lasts until about 13h00, that's the time interval when my wife usually sleeps a bit.

Not an easy task to be a parent, I try to help but in true honesty say that it's my wife who his having all the hard work. Yesterday we decided to go dinner outside and leave our son with our friendly neighbors that hosted Miguel in their house while we went to grab a nice romantic dinner on a close-by chinese restaurant and this was the only break she had this week.

Now, I've also decided to help more and cook myself the meals for us so that she won't have to worry about that either - but one should also note that I'm no expert in kitchen matters so our food is sometimes outsourced from Macdonald's, the local barbecue restaurant and includes a fridge full of frozen Pizza's..

Still, raising a young baby requires a lot of attention and it does leaves me quite sleepy all day long, sleep deprivation really makes people less focused on the things needed to be done on time but I hope that within a few months our son starts with longer and regular sleep time intervals.

He might cry a lot sometimes but it's a really amazing sensation to view him grow so much in such few weeks that makes me feel like all this effort is really worth while.