Got myself a new cellphone!

It's not Christmas yet but I've just bought myself a new treat - a new cellphone.

This was a necessary measure.

Last time I bought a cellphone for myself was a Sony Ericsson from mid 2005 about 3 years ago.

This machine was not expensive at all and my whole family got a lot of them from the same series which was kind of cool since I didn't had to worry about finding a power charger as they were spreaded everywhere around the houses of my relatives.

Two weeks ago, my wife's phone went kaput and the screen display refused to work even thought the rest of machine "sounded" ok.

As I don't care much about cellphones I lend her my own phone and got hers instead.

This ended up not being a good decision as everytime I got call I wouldn't have any idea about who was on the other side of the line which kind of provoked some confusions on people because I had some troubles in recognizing their voices.


So, I decided to buy a new machine once for all.

And I got hipnotized by an HTC equipment - the Pharos.

Looking on internet reviews it was called as the lower end price HTC device when compared to other similar machines from the same brand - but what the heck?!?

This HTC has GPS, Windows Mobile 6.1 and fits so well on the hand that is confortable to take anywhere and make calls or send messages. My last PDA was bought in 2003 and I had to order it from the US since they were way too expensive. I know technology has evolved since but I'll certainly be quite happy with such gadget.

The price was very affordable for this sort of machine - 200 euros, but still a bit above my budget so I decided to sell my china-cellphone-wristwatch-toy for 80 euros to alleviate the PDA cost - all in all it's a good trade as the watch was mostly a toy with little professional use and at least the PDA can both be fun and help out at work.

So I'm now the proud owner of an HTC Pharos that costed 120 euros.


What have I been doing with it?

I've installed Sudoku (no better way to pass the long waiting time), also got installed some GPS software to track down the velocity I'm moving - one interesting program counts the time and distance that I do over a football field (for example) or beeps an intense alarm if I'm going in excess of speed on the highway.

Copied a lot of my favorite MP3 albuns to listen while I drive or want to hear some music - for some sad reason it's difficult to play .AVI music videos that I converted from YouTube.

Tried a lot of software to make my HTC look like an IPod but didn't ended liking the Ipod interface because it was good looking but a bit too limited.

Took some pictures from the weekend trips.

Oh well.. Did everything except making or receiving any phone calls for some coincidental reason.

Guess I don't really need a phone, at least I got a PDA to play with on my free time.. ;)