Additional Network Certifications?

Since I've recently enrolled on the CISCO certifications, over the last months I've been wondering if the competition on network equipment field hadn't also decided to start similar certifications and ended up finding something quite interesting on SMC mentioned by a friend of mine.

They also have an academy that is offering certfications to people with network expertise, but with two fulcral differences:
  1. It's completely taught online
  2. It's free
Both of them are nice features, but more important than getting another certfication - what can you actually learn from it?

Well, I didn't knew the answers for my own questions so I went along and also enrolled for this certification.

To admit the truth - it was quite late at night when I started doing the first exam - the minimum grade was 65% to succeed and in some of the questions I admitedly used wikipedia to find the correct answers. In overall, finished the first exam with 71%.

To my big surprise, they won't make a .PDF version available for download, instead, they will actually send a neat looking printed version over to your house.

After finishing the exam and seeing this kind action from their part on a free course, I felt a bit bad about myself for cheating on some answers and not taking the test too seriously.


The rest of the certification is composed with 3 more levels that increase of difficulty and I will certainly try to exactly as expected from a student perspective.

You're welcome to visit this academy here: