1000 kilometers on pure electricity

I've just completed my first 1000 kilometers with the electric scooter that I've bought about two months ago.

It came from china and the price for this vehicle was lower than the one asked for "regular" gasolines ones, so here's is my feedback after wearing out the scooter on real work conditions for a couple of months.

- The chassis is poorly built - It's making a lot of noise everytime the asfalt has irregularities and this happens because some of the bolts that host the plastic cover have been broken.

- The engine sometimes does a few "funny" noises when the scooter is starting to move

- The light on the console panel that indicate whenever I had the direction change flashing light doesn't work anymore

- I "feel" that the batteries are not going as strong as when I've first bought the machine

And that's about it.

A lot of complaints for sure, but still a great way to move around and I really enjoy a lot.