Back to School..

As usual on this season of the year - school is back.

On my case, even though I've began a working career several years ago, I've proposed myself to carry out my own personal education and improve my own skills so that I can indeed progress throughout my life instead of ending up with a static job.

Well.. easier said than done.

This year I'm already busy with the university degree, the CISCO certification and now I'm going to driving lessons to get my Driver License - yep - I'm 27 years old and didn't had permission to drive a car. (funny thought that I do have permission to drive heavy armored combat cars..)

My wife is also expecting our child to be born on the next 21st of October so time is running short on all ends to ensure that things run smoothly.

If you strange not seeing me working so actively online as before - hope this helps to clear the reasons why.

That's my news update for the moment, be well - drive safe! :)