And Miguel is born!

My son has born!

So small, so healthy and so active that's it's hard to describe how it feels when you grab him in your arms for the first time right after he sees the outside world for the first time.

Grown up time as come for me and my wife as we take an important step and become sole responsible parents for this new born life that deposits in us a trust without limits to guide and protect him in the years to come.


Miguel was born on the 25th of October 2008 at precisely 19h15.

He was named in tribute to the island where we live that is called "São Miguel" or "Saint Michael" in english.

Weighted 3.3Kgs and sized 49 Cms on birth time.

The labour was brief and went very well, the child is simply beautiful.


CCNA (CISCO) - part TWO and summary of daily projects.

Off we go to the second round of CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate).

On the first round I was faced with a certification related to things like LAN administration that I was already familiar doing for some years and the difficulty level quickly rised to a point where I was having troubles catching my breath to follow all the discussed topics.

Fortunately, I ended up passing the first level and now comes the second level for another 5 weeks until December.

And CISCO classes don't disappoint me at all.

The teacher doesn't waste a single minute and as soon as the lesson is starting we're already getting our hands in debugging IOS (Internetwork Operative System) CLI (Command Line Interface) and talking about Router protocols nearly non-stop until three hours later.

We do get a small 10 minute break to catch some air - I personally use it to visit the vending machine and get some hot chocolat beverage as drinking coffee at night means no sleep until 04h00 a.m.


5 weeks of classes after work means going home quite late during half my work days during the week (22h00 p.m.) and spending the whole Saturday studying as well.

It hasn't been so easy to manage the time as many other things also crumble up my schedule and plans, just to get an idea I'll try to detail what I've been up to lately.

- My son! - Yep, I'm expecting my first child to be born tomorrow or shortly after. I've been in a strange mix of nerves with happiness with the idea of becoming a father.

- Driver Lessons during the day time - my employers are sponsoring my driver's license so I get to learn how to drive a car until the next 10th of November but unfortunately leaves no time to keep up with my day time duties so I have a lot of work to ensure that everything gets done right at my work place regardless being there or not.

- University - Last year I only needed to do the exams on February of the next year but now things changed and I need to study every week to keep up the activities that are proposed. (I still don't like Algebra one bit..) Let's see how things go this year, the maths are a true headache.

- CCNA - 5 weeks of mayhem to understand in depth how networks work.

- WinBuilder - my all time favorite project needs some attention too, Peter, Booty#1 and the rest of the community are a great help but there is still a lot to be done there.

- Boot Land - Has been growing so popular lately that we suddenly need to optimize a lot of things just to allocate enough resources for the visitors (and to support the spam bot visits)


I don't really know when a person should say that enough is enough regarding how time should be organized. Guess I'd wish to have more time to dedicate to each single task instead of working in this strange multi task mode but things need to get done and I wouldn't likely enjoy missing a chance to do them anyways.


Back to School..

As usual on this season of the year - school is back.

On my case, even though I've began a working career several years ago, I've proposed myself to carry out my own personal education and improve my own skills so that I can indeed progress throughout my life instead of ending up with a static job.

Well.. easier said than done.

This year I'm already busy with the university degree, the CISCO certification and now I'm going to driving lessons to get my Driver License - yep - I'm 27 years old and didn't had permission to drive a car. (funny thought that I do have permission to drive heavy armored combat cars..)

My wife is also expecting our child to be born on the next 21st of October so time is running short on all ends to ensure that things run smoothly.

If you strange not seeing me working so actively online as before - hope this helps to clear the reasons why.

That's my news update for the moment, be well - drive safe! :)