A step to posterity?

Every once in a while I think about the future.

One of my worries as I get older is a question I keep asking myself from time to time: Will I remember or someone else remember how things were 2, 3 or 10 or even 100 years ago?

And then I often reply to myself: "Heck no, who'd care?"

Well.. I care, and the fact is that I do have a sort of need to record these tiny pieces of my own life and experiences like so many others do because I'd be really proud if one day my own descendants would be able to read them and probably get some good laughs at reading these blogs or looking at the photos.

It's not interesting to people outside my own family but it does remain as a good way to remember some of the things that we've doing over the years.

On my own case, on previous years I've opted to take a lot of photos and only recently began this blog that follows the photo log.

And even better news: Today I've taken another step and starting filling out my biography.

But it isn't exactly easy to go back and remember some of things that I did on my teenager becayse I was terrible to say the least.

Education wasn't nowhere a priority until I was in my early 19's and all I cared about was having fun and going out to night clubs a lot instead of studying.

My initial times in the military look almost insane if I look back to the things that I did so carelessly that could have got me injured for life so quickly.

Only a few years later did I started to get a grip on responsibility and meet my wife which really opened my eyes to the need of looking forward to get my life projects completed one day.

There's a lot to say and many other things that I'd like to keep for myself but in either case, I've just started writing down this somewhat detailed biography from my early days and posted it on wikipedia to ensure that anyone else can update it a long time after I'm gone.

It's a truly boring read for most but I see it almost like a relief because I can read back some traces of my life and quickly see how things change even when there is still so much to be done.

You can find this page here:

It's on public domain space and if you know me (and I mean that it doesn't matter if you know me either offline or online) then you're welcome to write down any updated information you consider important to add, I thank in advance for any contributions you add to the wiki page.

Thank you.