My wife's birthday

Well.. yesterday was a special day around here because my wife celebrated her 24th birthday and it was special for several reasons that made it a very pleasant day as a whole.

For a start, I was working yesterday but nevertheless she went out with friends to have a birthday lunch at her favorite chinese restaurant, later when I arrived home it was time for me to take her out of the house.

We went to get her birthday gifts in the mall. This year, and predicting the needs of our soon to be born kid, I thought it would be wiser to get some very needed domestic appliances that she would never dare to ask even thought I knew for sure how they'd make her live a bit easier on the daily tasks.

One of the gifts was a high-pressure steam iron that can be used to sterilize the baby clothes and the second was a portable mini-vacuum cleaner that will surely come handy since it can also clean up liquid stuff like the ones produced very often on kids of early age if you know what I mean. ;)

I know it is seems a bit strange to offer domestic appliances to a wife but at the moment these were things that we were needing around the house and seemed like a good chance to get them once for all.

Besides, her birthday gifts also included a romantic movie session (thought not too romantic as we ended up watching the newer x-files movie) and a romantic dinner at a fancy restaurant that we had never visited before.

I think that the gift she liked best was the chance to spend a whole day just having fun without any sort of worries.

This is the last year we live or celebrate a birthday on this island, guess we need to enjoy these moments as much as possible since we won't know what can come up next.

We're both getting a bit older but I'm still so happy with her that these special days really make me feel truly blessed for being in her company.