Long live StarCraft

Funny thing about moving to an OS like Ubuntu - one might feel tempted to move all your favorites things like old time games and StarCraft (released in 1998) has been on this category for a very long time.

I had some free time and decided to use it by playing some multiplayer StarCraft BroodWars edition on my brand new linux box but was admittedly a bit worried about possible incompatibilities with the wine support under this OS.

Turned out to be a senseless worry and for my surprise, WINE could happily run StarCraft straight from the command line.

The only modification required is the need to disable any of my mouse shortcuts that made the screen use a mac-alike exposé effect that would minimize all the available windows (including the one from the game).

So, I just disable compiz before playing and everything else works fine.

I've been following WINE since it was initially released a lot of years ago and some of my reasons to stay away from linux in the first place were due to the lack of support for win32 based programs.

Today, I'm happy to see that most programs I use on daily tasks are either available as open source linux coded programs or run quite well under the WINE layer.

For all the rest, VirtualBox is also an excellent companion that solve the need for 100% true windows compatibility without further worries.

Who would say I'd live to see StarCraft running outside windows one day?

Let the fun continue.. :)