Electric Scooter

Just bought myself an electric scooter, not the toy-sized ones but rather the real-size-full-speed motor bike with license plate than can actually move on the city road.

This is such an amazing vehicle.

Runs fully powered by electrical energy and has an autonomy of around 70 kilometers (roughly 45 miles) without need to be recharged.

The speed velocity is not so bad either and doesn't stay far behind the other motorbikes.

Why did I bought one of these?

Well.. my wife already has a car and I don't really need that much of a separate vehicle for myself except for my home-work travels that I've been doing over the last 5 years using lifts from my friends that also work on the same place.

This motor bike costed around 1600 euros (~2300 USD) that is still a lower price than the gas-fuel scooters and I get to travel around to everywhere for free..

Someone once said that the difference between boys and men was the price of their toys. Maybe this electric scooter only comes to confirm this rule but nevertheless what people may think - it is so fun to ride this vehicle that you'd surely try to quickly get one yourself just for the sake of preserving the environment. (and have fun doing it)

It's the first time I see such development that isn't a scheme to suck money from interested people but rather a business where a cleaner and ecological solution can beat to ground the traditional vehicle market.

And to be honest, I always liked the idea of freedom from the oil lobbies and this gives things an extra taste.

If an affordable electric car is made available one day, this would just become the ideal vehicle for a cleaner future.