Cisco - part 1of CCNA was completed

I finally completed yesterday my final exam on the first part of the Cisco Certified Network Administration (CCNA) course.

This was a bit more difficult than expected, I was prepared for the questions and had studied everything that was expected to be asked but there were some topics that simply escaped my attention or didn't made much sense to be the correct answers but after some careful research I always ended up concluding that the exam reply was accurate even thought at first it cause confusion (guess they do it on purpose, right?).

In either case, it's finished. I had a score on this exam of 95,7% that came as my second attempt on this exam.

On the first one I got 75% and the minimum required to pass was 80%, on the second try they increase the difficulty level and you needed to have at least 85% to succeed. There was still a third and final attempt in which you'd have to get at least 90% - if you failed for the third time then you'd be excluded permanently, so it was not easy having this sort of pressure to get good grades.

I can also say that at this precise moment I feel much more confident to work as a LAN administrator and understand a bit better how a LAN works and how to diagnose the everyday occurrences.

It's an amazing world out there. Servers, Routers and Switch's become much more friendly and understandable. I really recommend going to one of these courses if you're serious about a career in the networking field.

Well.. this was part one. Let's see what's reserved for the upcoming classes next October.