wise teeth complications

Who ever said that the wise teeth only appeared when an individual is "wiser" couldn't be utterly more wrong if they asked me..

Two days ago began the emerge of the "wise teeth" that brought nothing but pain, hassle and expenses.

For the first time in years (more than I can even remember), I actually went inside an hospital to treat myself.

Of course that I was too hesitant to place a foot of mine inside such place for such a tiny teeth issue and as a reward on the next day I woke up with my mouth and face completely transfigured as the infection spread to the rest of mouth giving me that sort of "punch bag" look.

After two nights without much sleep, a lot hot tea and teeth brushing trying to calm the infection I eventually had to seek professional help and went to visit the good doctor on the public hospital that quickly prescribed two boxes of drug pills that will serve both as antibiotic and pain relief.

Good part is that I got to stay at home as my face looked a bit like the famous hunchback from notre dame but it's no fun at all as I can't really chew anything and I eventually get bored too quickly when I'm not busy with something.

Today I went back to work, still have a "punch-bag" look on my face but I'd rather be here because it will at the very least keep my head outside these complications for a while.

I also get quite annoying when I'm sick so maybe my wife can also enjoy some piece of mind while I'm not around.. ;)


A single word of advise for all the others who ignore their teeth - don't!

It was my bad for ignoring these teeth for so long or only visit the dentist in the last of all cases when absolutely necessary and I've learn my lesson to keep it straight and try to keep the dentist visits on my schedule more often.