Busy days..

Seems like it is a terrible thing to stay at work during the August month.

I deducted that since most of my fellow co-workers would be away on vacations during this month then I would naturally be less busy with daily work and have more time for my hobbies but this spell has surely turned against the wizard.. ;)

Since most people are away, those who stayed also need to perform the tasks that were previously assigned to others which means a crazy month trying to get everything into place.

Well.. One of my new assignments is to manage the local coffee shop that is used by our workers.
My duties include the responsibility of ensuring that all money accounting and paperwork are done correctly and that the coffee workers do their work right.

It's not nearly as easy as I first imagined.

When I grow up I'll likely not be interested in owning a coffee shop myself. If I account all the headaches to ensure that the money flow and profit are fully balanced and ensure the overall conditions of the place are left a bit better when I pass this duty to someone else I can't imagine how someone can actually enjoy some quality of life.

To improve things, my own staff at the computer department also checked out on vacations, meaning that I'm now completely alone getting my daily dosage of computer reinstalls, virus cleaning, client support and network diagnostic since our own electrical grid decided to go crazy and take along some of the machines and equipment not protected with UPS.

Oh well, that's a life lesson to remember next year.

Guess next time I will plan my vacations in advance to see them last all the way from July up to August..